Friday, 28 August 2009

Summer 09 - Hokkaido 北海道

Weeks since I last updated my blog huh ? My first summer holiday in Japan just started n we went for our FIRST summer vacation to . . . HOKKAIDO !!
Lets go through my journey via photos. * everyone loves viewing photos isn't it? * XD
Here we go . . . Starting from 13/8 . . . .

We decided to go by our own route n meet at Hokkaido.
I went with 2 more frens by cruise !! Sadly, I accidentally deleted photos of it. :(

We slept n woke early n waited patiently for the sunrise.

We reached quite late n made everyone waited for us there. HAHA

There was a Beer Festival.
See. It written til 20th right??!! We went on 16 . . . Everything were gone !!!

See !! Was a waste isn't it ??!!

The time shows my date of birth . =)

Ice made models.
Could be seen during winter.

Forgotten the name.
Clark . . . something ?? HAHA

English Translation : White Lover ?? HAHA
Chocolate Factory famous in Hokkaido.
Factory View.

Polar Bear.
One of the main attraction at the zoo. Rainy day. Bad luck for us carrying umbrellas around. Not much photos took.

Lavender Farm.
Our main destination of the whole tour.

Music Box Speciality Shop.
Another main attraction at Hokkaido. You can make your own music box over there. I bought a simple one for my own though. XD

Here is it !

Sapporo Beer Garden.

It was my birthday. 20th of Aug.
A birthday card from M'sia. Cristiano Ronaldo Nike Football . As my gift.

By cable car . . .
We went to the top of the hill . . .

Had such a nice night view of Hakodate. XD

Suppose to go up n have a view of a star shape garden. But didn't think it was worth it, n had a walk around the garden. HAHA

Our first hot spring bath.
Surrounded by old folks n been starred by everyone around !! OMG !! HAHA

There ends our vacation at Hokkaido.
Along the way back to Tokyo, we stopped by a place named Aomori n spent 1 day there. XD
Aomori is a place which is famous with it's apple industry. * we didn't manage to get to the apple farm though *

Triangle Building.

Apple look apple pie ! XD

Biggest Buddha Statue in Japan.

Kinda short cut of it . . .
here comes the end of our trip. We head back to Tokyo by mid-night bus after having our dinner at Aomori. =)
It was really tiring but fun trip. Meeting everyone from our batch of PPKTJ ( Pusat Penyediaan Kajian Teknikal ke Jepun ) again really made this trip meaningful indeed. Would like to thank those who solved our accommodations n planned throughout the whole trip !
Thanks a lot guyz ! Looking forward to our next reunion !

Unfinished business ahead . . . . . . . . .

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