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Foreign Students' Summer Program 09 @ Okinawa

*Continued from my Hokkaido trip . . . Okinawa was our next destination. Going from the northern part right to the southern part of Japan, it was indeed a tiring journey.
To those who aren't tat clear about Japan's map, this may give u a view of how far it is.

0630 - Reached Tokyo from Aomori via highways bus.
0910 - Reached Haneda Airport from Tokyo Station via train n monorail.
1440 - Boarded JAL ( Japan Airlines ) flight from Haneda International Airport to Naha Airport.
1705 - Arrived at Naha, Okinawa.

We were scheduled to attend a summer program organized by Japan National College of Technology Association. Its main objectives was to educate us about Japanese culture n make sure we get use to Japan college's life. Fully sponsored trip , was the main reason we, M'sians of 21 pupils took part in it . XD

Summer program scheduled to get kick started on 25th but some of us got a day earlier flight n reached there on the 24th n were accommodated at a hotel !! It was marvelous getting a single room for each n everyone. Including free buffet dinner n breakfast !! Can u imagine how happy were we ?? *sorry for those who just got there on 25th* XP

Yea, great moments doesn't stay for long as we moved to Okinawa Prefecture NAGO Youth Center. It was like other youth center around Japan with strict rules against participates. DAMN. I felt regret for agreeing to attend tat program. Lesson learned, not to be greedy. @@

We unpacked our luggage, attended the Opening Ceremony . . . . wat's next? LECTURES . . . Wat else do u expect from such kind of program huh. Short-cutting everything once again, "To help you understand KOSEN life" (KOSEN = Japan National College), "Japanese language n culture", "Net-etiquette and Information technology", Viewing Okinawa Traditional Dancing", "Presentation on the Overseas Internship", "Panel Discussion" were BORING programs we had. Boring huh?

Ok, let's go to the interesting part of the whole program !
Firstly, delicious meals were served 3 times a day ! Tat's the only time we were punctual. N guess wat, we M'sians were always in the front line. M'sia Boleh !! We go . . . HAHA

Everyone were just waiting for the 3rd day's event. A sightseeing trip to Okinawa Curium Aquarium. Again explaining by viewing photos . . . =)

Tat's my hand touching a rough-starfish. HAHA


Baby sharks.

Whale + dolphins show.
It was a great show, but i prefer watching Sentosa, Singapore's pink dolphins. HEHE


See the blue sea over there? Okinawa always been famous with it's beautiful sea n beaches but unfortunately there weren't any chances for us to have some sea-bath.

28th of Aug !!! The day I'd been waiting for since the 1st day of the program. Bidding farewell !!

0850 - Depart from youth center to Naha Airport.
1130 - Flight from Naha Airport to Haneda International Airport via ANA (All Nippon Airways).
1350 - Arrived at Haneda International Airport, had our lunch n headed back to . . . OYAMA !!

It wasn't an exciting trip as expected, but we had free meals everyday, free air tickets, free sightseeing at Okinawa. Not too bad I suppose. Last but not least, of course meeting new frens from all over the world.


We met with other foreign students who are under Monkasho ( Japan Gov ) scholarship. They came from Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cameroon, Thai n many other more.
Great experience throughout a 5 day trip to Okinawa.

When I reached Haneda International Airport, turned on my cellphone n immediately I received a voicemail from an unknown phone number. " Lim, please phone back to school office!" A voicemail from my school teacher. OH MY GOD !! He sound rough. Wat would have appear in ur mind getting such mail, during holidays ?? Worse comes to worst, I thought ' I failed my test ?? Have to retake it ??' September is the period when those who failed their subject retake it. Oh no, I'm certainly dead if I had to do it. Ya, I admit I didn't do well in my last test, but it won't be as worse as to have retake it, right?? ARH !! Another month to go until my summer break ends are fully-packed. I rang back to the school office but it took my hours for the secretary to connect to the teacher who called me. * I could recognize his voice * I hang up. After collecting luggage, my college-mate told me tat the teacher contacted him. It was regarding to the H1N1 case which occurred in Okinawa. One of the participate of the program, a Malay gal from M'sia was confirmed infected and was quarantined at Okinawa College of Technology. The teacher was worried of us or worried we might spread the virus over here and told tat he gave us some precaution notes n a termometer for us to check our body temperature everyday.
THANK GOD, it wasn't anything about me retaking test !! HAHA

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