Monday, 31 August 2009

One day trip to Odaiba

2 days before my next summer trip, not recharging 'my body', we decided to visit Odaiba, located in Tokyo. Teng, from Akashi College came to Tochigi-prefecture (the place I'm living in) for a motorbike competition. Not to mention about that competition. Yea, she didn't win. (a better way of saying it) XD. She stayed over at Oyama College for the next 3 nights n will follow us down for our next summer trip.

A 'manga' addicted gal. She desperately wanted to go to Odaiba to see something. Something. We stopped by at Ueno Station to have our lunch at 1130. It's kinda early but our stomachs were making noise.

Tomato+bacon spaghetti with a half-boiled egg on it. Not bad.

We had a brief walk around Ueno. (so tat she can tell her frens tat she'd been to Ueno!! haha) Headed to Odaiba next.

Yes. This was wat we wanted to see. Many of my frens went there before. Uploading photos in facebook. ' A damn big one sure it will be.' I thought beforehand. Nah, it wasn't TAT big. It was extremly crowded way down from the train station until to the exhibition ground. Ya, Japanese are the same. Last minute?? The gundam exhibition was due to end on 31st of Aug. We went on 30th. HAHA

Next, wat we saw was. . . THIS

'Statue of Liberty'??

A fake one of course. HAHA The place was named United States of Odaiba. Don't ask me why, neither I know the reason. HEHE
Next, we walked around a shopping mall. Aqua Park. Nothing much caught my attention, except this particular one.

Chips ??
Those are imported chips. There's a shop named PLAZA where all imported goods are sold. Yes, I love imported goods. Honestly speaking, I prefer European countries compared to Asian. I love speaking english compared to chinese. Although I AM A CHINESE. Maybe this leads to broken chinese but also broken english. HAHA Back to the topic, yes I bought a small packet one which cost me 210yen. Expensive.

Once again. It's crowded. It was a building of FUJI television. Sorta exhibition inside it. Not so sure. But we didn't went it since not much time left for the day. Next year perhaps.
We went to Shinjuku, didn't managed to walk around because it was raining. Rain during summer?? It was due to the typhoon. SAD
Simply walked around some department stores and went back to Oyama at 2013 time.

When I was busying talking photos, found that there was some dirt on my lense. Let it be dust or watever it is. Opened up my lense. Nothing. Seeing inside the body of my Kiss, saw some dirt on one of the mirror inside it. (do we call it mirror??) Being so nervous about it, I used my shirt to wipe it away. Yes, using . . . my SHIRT !! Wat the heck !!! Wat was in my mind !!! Yes, as predicted. My shirt left a scratch on it !!!! ARH !!! I was like dying !!!! Although it doesn't affect photos I take, I wanted to solve it as soon as possible. Went to 'Big Camera' and enquired about it. Had to be send to Canon Factory in order to get it repair. 2 weeks required. Of coz I didn't hand it on spot as I need it for my next trip in another 2 days. I'll solve it when I'm back. Frustrated.

OK. Gonna start packing my back pack and get enough rest to continue my journey . . . conquering Japan !! HAHA
* God bless me. Don't stop or even delay the train system due to typhoon. *

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