Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!

2011 had been very good to me.
Certainly a year to be remembered forever.

I learn a lot.
I think a lot.
I suffer a lot.
I love a lot.
I changed a lot.

I could actually feel myself a teenager turned adult now.
Not just by adding another year of your age.
Felt like I built finished building my own Rom of my mind in one whole year. Of course it's just another description of how much i got from te year 2011. Pretty much.

Mentally was the worst ever nightmare I had. I don't know why but finding out me myself pretty weak mentally, did helped out on strengthening it.

I love more.
I love people around me more.
I appreciate people around me more.
The family, that never changed I guess.
They're the best, they're always the first.
The friends, I love each and every true ones more than before.
Maybe it's because I have more space now than before. I don't know.
I appreciate each of you guys more than before.
Maybe more than just friends, maybe brothers and sisters.
Doesn't matters. I love'em all.

Especially you people there reading this.

I'm went to bed now in the 2012, knowing clearer about what I want in life, than yesterday, in the 2011.

I'm closer to knowing what I want in life.
I'm closer to achieving success, which counts deep in my heart.

Okay this is getting pretty emo isn't it?
I'm writing this on the train back from New Year Celebration with the brothers and sisters here in Japan. This is the moment where u tend to get emo, very emo.

May u guys have a great blessing year ahead!!

Jun Hao

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