Friday, 30 December 2011

Day 7. Kungan Park. Soemyeon.

Woke up around 10am and there's one guy came patting me when my alarm rang for who knows how long. Haha. So embarrassing. Gah. I should train myself next time to wake on time.

Had my breakfast at the guesthouse, normal thing, toast and coffee. I don't know why but they're all Koreans staying here and damn I didn't make any friends yet from the guesthouse. They even avoid having eyes contact witchu, and this guy even showed me his back despite sitting beside me. Haha so funny. They're so shyyyyyy.

Checked the place to get on the airport limousine bus at Novotel Hotel nearby. My flight is at 10.55am and I'm so scared of sleeping tonight!!!!

Busan people don't look as good as Seoul. Not saying they're not pretty, just so-so. I guess all Seoul people are rich enough to afford surgeries(?) haha. But kinda my type u know. Hahaha.

Walked a lot and finally reach the park and had some hard time finding the rope way. Haha. Met some Taiwanese, they thought I'm a Japanese. Haha. Uncle, I won't eat your daughter up u don't need to look so fierce mah... Hahahaha. Just had my own sweet time up there. Jungle trekking. Enjoying nature. Just love it.

u know why I took this dunchu. :P

There were so many stalls again up there and one lady kept pulling me into hers that I couldn't refused a cup of coffee. She's so kind and sat beside me. I showed her photos in my camera and we talked for like 5 minutes? The only word I understand from her is 'ropeway' hahahaahhaa. Initially I wanted to ask her the road back to the rope way. But it was fun and warming.

picnic? haha

right to heaven. left to hell? haha

Spent some time down the park, just wandered around. Enjoying the greens, was breathtaking. Went in to the police station to ask for directions and there came 4 of them in uniforms dealing with me. I'm such a BIG thing. Hahaha. Of coz I'm happy of it coz it's not always people bother u when u simply catch one by the road. Some just say no while showing the no sign, some don't even bother to listen to u, mankind is so interesting isn't it? There's this kind young man who guided me to the park all the way for almost 10mins on foot. He say he can't explain it well in English so he'll just bring me there. Haha. Shared me gum too. Nice young lad.

Entered a seafood shop to try out some eel dishes. Busan is famous of it's seafood yea. It was such a big portion and I couldn't finish'em. Hell and this was so expensive! No price written so I guess me this foreigner kena 'hentam'. Haha. And this lady said something about my hair I don't understand. Haha.

Went to Seomyeon, the Korea Shinjuku(?) There's a LOTTE Department Store, have I told u about the LOTTE and Samsung story? Kim told me that u can never find Samsung's products in LOTTE, business enemies and Samsung is rich enough to compete with anyone. Haha. So they have their own shopping mall, Home Plus.

Chilling around the streets was nice. I always love walking on shopping streets alone. (window) shopping + people watching is a very nice hobby of mine. Saw this stall with long queue and I joined, without knowing what are they selling. Hahaha. Insane. Those were delicious Hottoku, a kind of pancake(?) I ate these before but this time topped with lotsa sunflower seeds, makes it better.

One of the delicacy I wanted to try out here is Korean style BBQ and I haven't tried any, and this is my last day here!! Got into a random shop yea again rating by the number of customers. Hehe. It tasted hmmmm OKAY(?) and I had severe stomachache after that, had to run around finding toilet. Wtf. I just wanted to fly back to Japan immediately that time, my home where I understand almost everything. Hahaha. Amazingly, bought nothing. This shopaholic or hacked? Haha.

Decided to come back early as tomorrow's flight is pretty early. But then hang out at a cafe named Caffe Bene, a cafe owned by numbers of Korean stars? Hmm I don't know any sorry. Hehe. The drink and food was good just price slightly higher, but no problem, just convert everything to Yen and it's cheap again. Haha. The best thing, I get this free mug! Made my day where I felt like going back NOW after that frightening experience having upset stomach, and u can feel the shits are coming out in no time but u don't understand a single shit in town. Wtf.

Time flies. It's almost the last 12hours I'll be in this kimchi land. Gonna go back, bath, pack and sleep. Let's pray I don't overslept and miss my flight. This trip would turn out to be an expensive one if I miss my plane. Haha. Peace.

I'll come back one day with some better Korean skills, shop more in Seoul, do some marine sports in Busan, extreme sports in Jeju Island. 持ち帰り take away a K-Chick. They have nice fingers (yea I don't know why I look at fingers. :P) they don't put on thick make up. Oh my I love it. ahahahaha

Yea of course backpacking again. Who's in???!!! Anyone with any cheap exciting backpacking plans please add me in!!!

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