Friday, 1 July 2011


oh haa!

yes, it's Friday.

yee haaa!

since Weds, i've been thinking about the weekends.

no outings, means being a nerd through the weekends, gives me a lot of free time, tidying up undone stuffs for the past week and preparation for the next.

unable to do so for the last two weekends,

u see... busy celebrating... haha...

since i can enjoy my own sweet time throughout the weekends, decided to work harder on the weekdays.
staying back late after classes to move on my research....
done some shopping with the lecturer at a home center. damn, not that fun. haha, especially when u're left alone with him for like 10 minutes. wtf.

today, spent the whole afternoon in the school factory.

mother fucker. the Bangladesh, just scared me out, knocking my fucking window, without any fucking sound, asking where his cycle went, how the hell would i have any idea about. idiot.

ok, enough for those vulgar words.

sat, i'll fiinish up all my undone reports, and paperwork for my research, maybe some time for my PS3, can u imagine, it delivered on Monday, and i didn't even get to touch it for more than 2 hours. haha

then, yea,

but for the rest of the night, i'll enjoy my Makkoli, a Korean rice wine , surfing the net, planning for my summer trip.

TGIF everyone~!


ChiaSik said...

wa...when u buy ps3 ?!!
i saw u banga fren last dentsu =P

junhao said...

@chia sik,
yea... but... didn't touch it for few days ade lorr.... haha... will wait for FIFA 2012. :P