Tuesday, 28 June 2011

a turning point

gaaaa... lost count on how long I've written here.
maybe just a quickie on some... hmm... pretty big happening for the past few weeks.

first, yes of course it's about the university entrance thing.
passed the entrance exam and I get to continue my degree for another 2 years in this getting-more-and-more-comfortable-land. nah, don't ask when am I going back to M'sia, not even me myself has the proper answer.

lab, god damn shit. Haha.
no worries, I'm cool. :P
here in Japan, (not sure about other places though) we has something like a graduation research, period due last year of our diploma/ degree, yea thesis about it too.
hydraulics really sucks ur brain's cells man. no kidding. plus all the pressure from the lecturer who demands a lot from his 'kids', lab-mates who were among the elites.
deep deep breath ahead of all the challenges entering ma lab. yea of course it doesn't fu*cking workout, get kicked with all those... ya, books books books.

i'll get stronger, yes, i certainly will.

nothing much to update about. haha
anyway, it's something really good for those who doesn't like outdoors, at least to get ur muscles moving *i got the movin' movin'* haha
ya, balancing among yoga and some outdoors i am.
oh ya, people, yoga ain't just for the women.
'walao eh, u guy do yoga, siao ah?' oh, get lost.

PlayStation 3.
for the sack of football gaming, yes, bought.
gonna wait for the new season to be out in like 2 to 3 months,
i'll do good with GT 5 for the time being.
no no no, i'm not going to get addicted. i SWEAR!!

outing, yea is something meant to strengthen the bond between human beings.
love it.
a friend, Carine, came down to Tokyo for the weekends and 8 of us went strolling around Yokohama.
Chinese cuisine buffet at a quite reasonable price at Chinatown, walking along the park beside Tokyo Bay, had super-duper-yummilicious Mexican cuisine, watched the movie, Super 8 (please cancel it if u plan to watch it), spent the night karaoke-ing.
it has been a while since we enjoyed together.
ya, i feel comfortable being with all of'em.
friends are a part of all of us, u won't feel great given being alone in a shopping heaven Tokyo, compared to a friend surrounded kampung huh? erm... not that sure about me, never mind, it won't take too long to find out the answer. haha
sorry, blunt me forgotten my camera. haha.

life these days, hmmm...
hectic or not?
i would say i get to choose.

wanted to set up a to-do-list for the rest of the year but it still stays ZERO. damn.
i guess i'll just go week by week, and maybe for my soon coming 1-month-but-literary-1-week-summer-break.

the good thing to mix the the elites, u'll notice how weak are u.
and there pops up those room for improvements which some wouldn't had even find out.

i'm gonna read more more more books (not text-book)...
i'm gonna learn more about mechanical stuffs, motor, engine... both of this can already occupy my whole damn year. haha.
i'm gonna learn more about Microsoft Office, Words, PowerPoint, Excel, i'm pretty weak, especially when u use the Japanese version in school and the English version at home. u finally get to understand how to draw something in school but u go blank when u're getting started to do it at home. haha. irritating. but. interesting. see, i'll get to know how to use in both language... yeehaa! covering the pain-less

sometimes, or all the times, things are complicated.
u get to choose to runaway with the easier path, enjoying good life...
but nah, u learn nothing.
no way u feel victory without experiencing failure.
avoid getting into ur comfort-zone, or get out of it.
guess, i'm going the hard way.

yea, perhaps tat's one of the reason i'm not going back home for the summer, besides some research to be done. of course i get to accompany my love ones back home, hmmm... but nah, i guess i'll get trained more here. sorry.
trying to do the most i can, by calling back almost everyday. bet no one calls back more than i do. :P

be a fuckin' dude, be an idiot, i guess i'll learn more.
god bless, i won't get killed so soon. haha

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