Saturday, 26 March 2011

no longer colour blind

children nowadays aren't colour blind.
literally I mean.

got my new pair of boots,
hoping to have a game or two with some dudes at a playground nearby to the gf's house.

no dudes, but a bunch of kids. yea I mean real kids.

'tambi, I wan to join can ah?'
got ignored.

a boy who was kind enough, asked me to join "their Chinese team", against the "Indians".


I bet he still goes to primary school.

not denying the truth that, I played with almost all Chinese since I started playing 'seriously', but some Indians, Malays and Singh joined once a while.
and you know what, there was once (like 2 weeks ago?) I was in town with mum, buying some kuih for teatime, finished buying and when we were about to cross the road, there came across a man on his motorbike with his mask on, waving to me. who the hell I would know you are with the mask on-lah.
He parked his vehicle aside, took off both his helmet and mask. guess wat, that's the Singh who carries his '4-month-old baby' inside his tummy, never does any running about, speaks fluent Hokkien (than me), scolds vulgar words on and off, who was a regular member of our neighbourhood weekend football.
He greeted me, so did I. He asked whether I'm in college, of course in Hokkien.
I was just way too happy to the fact that he actually do still remember me, mind didn't even bother to answer the question and I simply nodded him off with a glance of smile, really big smile (yes, you can imagine me in tat).
told mum who was him, mum didn't look that impressive though. haha.

*back to the main thing*

and we NEVER EVER like team up according to RACES like those kids did.

sad case.

nah, i'm not yet any big guy who could change mindsets of all Malaysians.
hopefully i do so, soon, really soon.

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calvin said...

To be honest, I used to have this [insert a race] versus [insert another race] kinda football matches last time. But it stopped after the game as we will be cracking up jokes afterwards. Maybe it's easier and faster to divide a team?