Thursday, 2 September 2010

KTJ Visit

There was an event back in my old school where I learned my first Japanese hiragana.The name changed to KTJ (Kumpulan Teknikal ke Jepun?) from PPKTJ (Pusat Persediaan Kajian Teknikal ke Jepun), the location changed to INTEC, Shah Alam from UTM, Jalan Semarak, I wonder if I should still call it MY old school. Haha.

It was so happening even before I reached the place. I took KTM from Subang Jaya to Shah Alam. And yea, KTM is always the same. Changing the arrival time of the train was UNBELIEVABLE especially for people who got used to the trains in Japan. When I hopped on the train, people was like staring at me. 'Never saw such good-looking guy izit?' lol. I looked around and there were more and more pairs of eyes looking at me. Something must have gone wrong. Guess what, I was on the WOMEN COACH!! WTH. I quickly ran to the next coach to hide myself. haha. Learned from my friends that it was newly introduced recently since that there're more and more 'wolves' who takes advantage on the girls when u know, the train is cramped. Of course it ain't a new thing for me but in Japan we just have it during peak hours not for the whole day. Luckily I was on my sunglasses, hopefully no one reconigzed me. :P

I was 1 hour late for the opening, but late is always better than nothing isn't it? :P Great enough to meet one of my beloved Sato sensei once I got out from the toilet. Don't worry I went to the gent this time. haha.

We had a Q&A session for around 1 hour at the morning and there comes the juniors asking this and that like we were 2 years back. :) Felt kinda sorry for them as I just able to answer questions about Mechanical Engineering but not for other fields. Should had done some 'research' on my batch mates before going. duh.

While they had their next session with Japanese lecturers, we seniors went to visit our Japanese lecturers at the lecturers office. Glad to meet Ito Seiko sensei and also Uno Yoko sensei once again. And they remained unchanged as when I first left. 'Remain as young as ever?' Uno sensei asked. 'Hmmm...' :P Next we were brought to one of the 1st year juniors class room. Their batch were much smaller than us, 57 compared to the normal 75+. Malaysia no money mah. Found a guy who came from the same hometown as mine, Bukit Mertajam. :)) And 3 from Penang (the best place in this planet)! :P

Next, lunchtime. Had my lunch with the 2nd year juniors, when I started asking names of theirs and remembering them. Even a test of their names given by them after that man. haha. Ivy, Lee Yee, Thomas, William, Kelvin, Jie, Siew Jin, Jennifer, Min Chong, Yang Wei, Sharon, Bin Wei, Kar Yee, Natasha, Mei Shen and... many more... haha. Not bad huh. (actually I wrote them while seeing one of their tagged photos in fb. haha!) Don't worry, still I remember you guys. :))
btw, I met 2 of my juniors of Cadet Police in Jit Sin! Felt really great to meet them after years. I must admit the new place is much more better than ours back in UTM where you get to know more people from different places who are going to different places, a bigger network.
It's just that we can even walk to KLCC last time. :P

The afternoon session started with the 2nd part of talk from Japanese lecturers, followed by group discussion, which was actually conducted mainly by lecturers again. lol. It was BORING. May I skip this? :P

Things were grand and formal this year compared to the previous ones. They got college lecturers from Japan to give talk about courses, brief introduction about their colleges. Though it made us, seniors who were there looked useless. lol. Back then,we didn't had any lecturers from Japan and seniors who were the ones conducting the whole event where we got the chance get closer with those juniors with non-stop crapping session. KTJ Workshop named the event but ehemm, don't think it's purely just a normal workshop.

Picture took during lunchbreak.

Syok sendiri junior #1 (Sharon). :P

 Syok sendiri junior #2 (Mei Shen). :P

Group photo with the girls.

I REALLY WANTED to snap with the guys but just right after that they started the event man. FOR REAL!!
 Group photo of those who were involved.

Sorry guys but these are the BEST quality & BEST angle of photos I have. :(
Yea, of course it wasn't a waste to go all the way from Penang down to Shah Alam just to meet them. :P They were so young (erm, just 1 year younger than me though. haha) and so so so cute! :))

Totally a fun bunch of people, can't wait to see ya guys in another piece of land in 5 months time!


memory lane said...

Its Kumpulan Teknikal Jepun,no need "ke" lol..everyone was looking at u because u were wearing sunglasses.. haha.

KTM has women Coach ar?? didnt knw about that.. haha

sato sensei still as pretty s before huh,. hehe

junhao said...

@memory lane,
haha... izit... sorry for the mistake.. yea, becoz m'sia have too many 'color wolf' i suppose. lol
btw, u're...? :P

memorylane said...

i am chyesin.. haha

シェン said...

Since when the photo is taken!? geez..

junhao said...


which photo u mean i'm not so sure but all of these were taken on that day loh...