Wednesday, 25 August 2010

football #1

played with the big boys today. haha.
they were some old frens ehem, who don't reconigze me anymore. haha.
yea, they asked, 'you're from Jit Sin last time har?' that's it.
hmm... I'm not that proud to say I AM when being asked in some occasions.
you know, Jit Sin = study bump. haha. no offense to friends out there yea. of course not all of us are, I mean some is but the mindset somehow turned to be so.

and gosh, I feel old!
I was like 'whuu... ha... whuu... ha...' after some runs.
they were still like bulls man.
but of course I did some jogging before that. (trying to find excuses. lol)

yet, no doubt we all got old.
they weren't as sharp as before.
they're some great fellas. :))

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