Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Mt. Fuji I Conquer

Hell yeah, I conquered Mt. Fuji man! 
Ha. A lil bit too much? :P

It was an event organized by MSAJ, with 20 something of participation.
Honestly it didn't really felt like an MSAJ's event, maybe have to do better next some other time. 

We gathered at a train station named Kawaguchiko and went up to the 5th station of Mt. Fuji together by bus. Ya, most people start climbing from the 5th station. There we went climbing around half past nine. At first it was like a night walk on top of a mountain. Haha. It was a flat tar road for some distance. Things somehow felt challenging, no like a mount climbing finally, just by going up some rocky path ways. One serious thing that certainly surprised me was that there were thousands of them, like us on the way to the top man! Mt Fuji was seriously CROWDED! 'Traffic jam' all along the way up. We broke up into few small groups and some went cutting Qs (don't worry, it's OK to do so, I guess. :P) and some of us who decided to be in the last group 'protecting' the others from the back. lol

Some of us were just too weak due to lack of exercise got stucked right away before we reached the 6th station. Haha. Brave enough for him to actually got himself til the top in the end. Some idiot we-so-called-BAKA even tried to ring up his mum to inform that he's on the way to the top of Mt. Fuji, while climbing. His call failed, and guess what's next. He's phone actually rang on the way! He just took out his phone and chit-chat with the someone at the other end as if he was just having his evening walk after dinner. WTF.

Honestly, we got pretty bored Q-ing all the way and found that we were way out of the scheduled time to enjoy the sunrise from the top. Me and Ling Cheik (both AJK who supposed to look after the weak ones) went running up. Haha. Trying to find ways to get through the lines, from the left, right and even the middle. FUN. Haha.Not to mention of cause a lil bit dangerous as well.

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, H8th station, a total of 5 station before we could reach the top and a total of 3.4km if I'm not mistaken. No, you underestimate it as a normal 3.4km marathon run, then you got it wrong. The path way got narrow and narrow from the 8th station and nothing can be done but to QUEUE. Just imagine, you're on top of the mountain, with a bloody shit of crowd around you, cold wind hits your face, and you're moving step by step. HELL. I almost felt asleep when I tried to close my eyes while waiting to get moved. Then, it was the time to get to know who's around you. Haha. You can find grandpaSs and grandchildren all the way along up, of course cute ones too. :P Nah, it wasn't really a time for you to 'scan' for cute chicks as once you have a glance on someone, the flash light on top of your head would shot on that person. Then, you know, that someone knows, everyone know. lol

The stations operate as a pit stop or some kind of resting place for climbers, but just a LIL bit extraordinary. You find pay-toilet outside M'sia, 200yen (RM8) per entrance and it was 300yen (RM12) at the top! I wasted 500yen. >.< Bananas, 200yen for a bunch. Dreaming, for ONE. To future climbers, load your backpack with foodSss.

We past by H8th station, half way to the top. One of us turned around to have a look at the sky at the back and saw it was getting bright! Basically what we saw were just rocks lighten up by our 'head-light' along the way. We got ourselves out from the path way, to the side. Sat on the rocks, on the slopy mountain. I actually got my left foot pushing a rock in front as I was so scared of falling down all the way the slope. Haha. 

So you call it day or night? :)

While waiting for the sunrise, seniors brought out hot water in thermos, and Milo 3in1. Haha.

Hot Milo on the top of Mt. Fuji companied by the sunrise.
I leave it to you to imagine the feeling. :P
Sunrise from the very top of Japan. :)
The 'ah pek' at the right actually sat just right in front of us. Out of a sudden, he turned around and said, 'Keep quiet!!' M'sians talking loudly on Mt. Fuji get scolded. Haha.

See how slopy it is.

We reached the top around 6 in the morning and if you ask me how was it up there? I can't say anything else besides, CROWDED. I quickly went to Q up for the 300yen toilet straight away and we left around 7. The way back wasn't that easy as expected, but at least easier than the way up for sure. Same, we were like snails at first and then started running down the mountain. It wasn't really that tiring but what kept irritating me was my stomach. No idea what got it so pain and just imagine I run all the way from the top til the 6th station until I got myself to the toilet. Haha. 

The climb would be way way way easier, nicer, quicker if there weren't that much people.
Anyway, it was a all around great lifetime experience to conquer the highest mountain in Japan. Never been to Mt. Kinabalu as an M'sian, not even a mount climbing experience before and straight away the top of Japan. To those who wanted but never tried before, give it a go!

extra: Finally, my 2nd summer break! Today was the last class of the first semester in my 4th year. Exam passed a week ago but yet reports kept me busy the whole week until the very lasy day. 

ehmm, honestly speaking, I'm starting to feel hard to express myself in English... @.@

 Daddy welcomes you. :P

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cheetheng said...

wonderful!! i always say how i dont want to do this again during mountain climbs or marathons but wanting to do it so badly all the time afterwards!