Monday, 21 June 2010

The 5th ASEAN Festival 2010

Finally it came... and ended...

I'd just done with the final report for both MSAJ and AYNJ, so obviously I won't be typing once again. Haha. Let's go by photos guys. :)

Preparation the day before.

This got me furious. Haha

Our main stage.

A small birthday celebration for two of the Japanese members before the festival started.

特定非営利活動法人 日本INGO 副会長. He invited me to a ASIA 50 PEOLE event. :)
Japanese model of the day.

Sopha from Cambodia.

Angga from Indonesia.

Arakinbo from SNIE (Japan).

Amy from Brunei.

Michiru. :)

Japanese friends.


The whole Japanese team. :)

The organizing team.

We Malaysian! :))

It was probably the greatest day I've ever gone through in Japan. We worked in a team, which includes people from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Phlippines, Myanmar, Brunei, and of course Japan and Malaysia. They were very helpful volunteers, great people, and I mean really nice friends. Very grateful to know everyone there. You know what, I'm even willing to fail one of my subject to know everyone of you. Yes, I say it I mean it. :)
On that very real day of the festival, there were more new friends I met. :) 
Guess what was the best thing, on the way back from the hall, out to the Komaba International House, until the train station. There were many people who were my friends. 'Otsukaresamadesu!' 'Jya,mata ne' 'Bye-bye'. It felt like home. There weren't once since I came to Japan last year where I get to met someone I know on the road. I mean not that often. :P There were even two Japanese who got onto the same train with me until Shibuya where we spilt to our different path. Chit-chat all the way long was I mean great. Sorry, I realized I said the word 'great' for quite a many times but that's the only word to descibe my feeling. 
Oh ya, many thought I'm a Japanese. Haha. It happened when I was talking with the Indonesian juniors who just arrived Japan last April, when I said I'm Malaysian, they were like HAH? 'USO~' (Don't bluff) Haha. Many Japanese thought so too. It's my browny hair maybe which makes everyone thinks so I guess. :P But everything will be clear when I open my mouth and speak lol. Only lousy Japanese I speak. :)

Without doubt it was the biggest classroom I've ever been in. Thanks to MSAJ and AYNJ for this precious chance. It's just sad that it seems like not many people are interested in organizing events or even participating them. Experiences like these are even valuble than the money we get from JPA every single month I bet. None of them are taught in lectures, none of them can be bought by money and of course none of them can be changed with. 
Nah, but I'm tired of doing recruitment, bla bla bla to anyone as some might think I'm too pushy. Haha. 
Looking forward for the next event where once again the new and old faces get to meet. :)


tse said...

Not ur dyed hair, ur eyes. LOL!

junhao said...

@tse, haha. i suppose both? :P