Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Non-holiday Golden Week

Finally the 5 days stretch of holidays which almost everyone in Japan were waiting for anxiously came and endedGolden Week.

Schedule was quite similar with last year's as we had our Golden Week Gathering with everyone all around Japan. The only thing that differ, is that we were the organizer this year. Most of the things did by our mates from Kisarazu NCT which is a tradition (?), and we were there to help out. 3 days 2 nights were indeed short for us to get along with those who stays far apart from the Kanto region. Yea, we will and do miss ya guyz a lot man. :( Seniors who we seldom meet, juniors who we weren't close to before, newbies to our big family in Japan, this is the only precious moment to get things right. Yes, it isn't an easy job to be the organizer. Mentioning about the activities, there were some who complained about it being too bored or bla bla bla . . . Sorry if they really were, but our main objective is just to get everyone together and communicate with each other. :)
Thanks for those who turn out that day despite ya guyz' tight schedule. Do really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Last but not least, everyone of our organizing members who gave handS! :D
p/s : All the best to juniors in adjusting yourself in this Cold Land and ganbarimashou!


Nah, it wasn't the end. It's MSAJ's Career Fair 2010 next! Being one of the organizing committee, we (those who took part in the gathering) rushed to the venue early morning on the last day. Me and a few mates were in charged of the electric parts of the hall. Sambungkan the electric cords for each booth of the companies before the event starts and collecting them after the event ends were our main jobs. It was an easy one not to mention dealing with those companies who didn't write in that they need external cords but keep asking for it on the spot. :P
It was a great opportunity for me to get involved with such event. Sharing words with companies, working together organizing an event is unforgettable. We MSAJ don't get paid by doing all these, but experiences which weigh more than gold. :)

Our batch didn't miss the chance to share our dinner together! Thanks to Sze Yang who went to find out and book the place for us. Maruhachi at Shibuya is it. I was hoping for osake (alcohol) nomihoudai (drink-all-you-can) but . . . too bad. Haha. After that it was karaoke till the dawn. BURGER KING for breakfast then greeted buhbye. :(

The last day of Golden Week, tons of undone reports. lol
Gotta get it done and recharge myself for more upcoming events which may keep me busy yet happy!


zhenhui said...

major thanks to your batch for organizing this year's meetup!

Anonymous said...

i will let arai see ur blog!!! haha

junhao said...

@zhenhui, hey yo! A very big THANK YOU to you n sii lee too. U guyz did helped us out a lot man. Seriously do. Hang out with us more yea~ :)

@Anonymous, hmmm . . .