Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival Abroad #1

The ' #1 ' was written as this surely won't be the first and only one for me. Haha.
And, sorry for such blur photos as I just able to take'em with my phone's camera.

' 中秋节快乐 '
' Happy Mooncake Festival '
' Happy Mid-Autumn Festival '

Were wishes which flooded my facebook for the whole day since yesterday. I ain't a mooncake lover since then, but of cause mooncake will always be filling my tummy on this particular festival. Mum who is always busy with her teaching would always buy loads of mooncakes for us. Haha. And on this day, she would surely come up with a mooncake eating + tea drinking 'party' sort of things for us. Mooncakes which always come with thick fillings of lotus seed paste (without yolks ! I mean it) would always be my choice. :) We were used to the traditional one with the chocolate-ly baked skin, but this world is just running too far and we get modern ones which comes with jelly kind of crust (agar-agar should it be?) with all kinds of filling ! Amazing isn't it?

Mid-Autumn Festival wasn't really a 'big day' for me since small, because nothing much to be thought of, nothing to be done, mummy will prepare everything and what we do is just and just, EAT. So, since morning nothing special happened (or I did) as I went to a book shop nearby to look out for reference books regarding a Japanese Test I'm taking soon, as I shared in the previous post. Cycling pass Jusco, I decided to give it a try to check out the beverage section to search for mooncakes.

I, ' Japan, got sell mooncake anot wo . . . '

D.Sheng, ' Find see la . . . Aya, we should have went to Chinatown at Yokohama, sure got eh there ! '

I, ' Oh Sh*t ! Should have went there! '

Was the conversation I had with my college-mate, D.Sheng on the way.(Of cause I created it myself, but the isi is some sort of that la). Haha. We should have make a trip to Yokohama if I thought about this earlier. Guess what, lucky enough for us when we found mooncakes at jusco! Joy~

Mooncake 78円.

U see big ones? normal ones? small ones? We laughed out when we saw that man! Maybe the exact size can't be seen through the first photo. Have a look down here.

Looks normal?

Saw it? can see the size when it's on my hand? Gosh! Haha. I call it 'flatty' mooncake! But yet, we were happy enough to grab one. Not so sure about the taste, will try it later at night. Haha.

Since it's a festival day, it became an excuse for us to go for dinner at one of the restaurants instead of cooking. Yes, I do get lazy to cook since I finished my summer break. Haha. We always face difficulties choosing what to eat but this time we get it easier since it's a chinese festival, chinese cuisine then. *Laughs* There we went. Me, D.Sheng, Agung(Indonesian Senior).

Boiled pork dumplings with spicy sauce.

Stewed blocks of pork "tonpowrow".

Fried rice with whole blue crab.

Whole chicken.

After 1 hour.

Blur one taken by the waiter. Sigh.

We even take away, da-pao 1 char sao pao back. =)
Wait, we didn't head back straight away.

Dessert time!


I had a strawberry cheese cream crepe as my dessert. Haha. It doesn't taste as nice as those sold at Harajuku though. But that wasn't the main problem. The main problem was, how am I suppose to eat my mooncake after this! Haha.

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