Sunday, 2 August 2009

End of Semester One

Nervous, sad, excited, happy ...
Arh...mixed !

Anyway, decided to put all those feelings aside and enjoy my 1st summer holiday in Japan after a tough exam.*Although it haven't started yet now. Another 1 study week before holiday starts.*But the holiday-mood is flooding my mind !

On the very last day of exam, I went for lunch with friend and senior. I cooked n ate but been forced by them, wat to do. HEHE. Hmm.. the truth is we wanted to go to bank and pay our insurances fee. Dragged for weeks due to exam. After settling it, we went for okonomiyaki, japanese style pizza perhaps?

They'll give u a bowl mixed with prawns, cabbage, pork, egg *depends on wat u order* then stir it well and pour it on the frying place. Of coz, the next step is to fry it. XD
This photo taken when it's stil in progress but i forgotten to take ready-made photos. * Busy crapping *
It tasted great !

Next day, went to Shibuya, Tokyo with my senior. What to do in hostel after exam after all?? Right? HAHA
1st, we went to meet 1 of my former high school junior. She was my sis's girl guide madam who came to japan using FAMA scholarship. Since she's also having her holidays, decided to meet up and have lunch.
We went to Shakey's for pizza buffet ! I saw photos from other seniors facebook profile and it looks delicious. Sad to say, it stil remains as LOOKS delicious. HAHA * get wat i mean? *
We were too anxious eating, talking. Forgotten to talk photos. AGAIN ! Anyway, this is the only photo taken there.

After that we walked around Shibuya, chit-chatting while enjoying the crowd? HAHA As usual it was crowded. Me n my senior went for our man shopping ! Despite being a guy, how come i love shopping. Can someone help me out with tis? HAHA
Yea, we did make a small holes in our wallet. XP
But I'm satisfied with . . . THESE !

No no no. Stop saying huh, hah, wat the heck, wat the hell ! HAHA
I wanted to buy some books just to make sure i keep in TOUCH with books during my holidays. HAHA. Went to 'Book 1st' a book shop and the shopkeeper said, " Sorry we dun have english books, but we do have english magazines. " Stil, i went to have a look on those. Thinking, is it so hard to find an english book? NOPE ! I finally found it at a 2nd-hand bookseller named ' Book Off '. Selling 2nd-hand books, of cause the prices are cheap enough for poor students like me. XD
And it wasn't disappointing at all ! I found a few interesting ones. 1000yen=rm40 for 4books. Isn't it worth enough?
I'll go 1 by 1, of coz by starting with TAT particular 1. lolz.

It's not a book about sex ! Swear ! HAHA. It did dig out my curiousity which made me bought it. WHY ? Stil dun belief me ? I knew it. See this,

See.. This is it all about ! XD

It's MAINLY for helping parents to work on improving parent-child relations. Ya, I'm doing such early preparation. XD

Japanese culture told in english. Exactly wat i need.

Just as the title, it's about a life of a die-hard fan of Manchester United since he was small.

Besides these, there's another thing which made my day. A football goods whole seller i suppose, was a sport store we went in. Admiring, touching, feeling those football clubs' new kit. Just if i could add 'buying' at the back. ><
It was indeed a great store not just with their goods but also decorations.

It's a small gallery of Manchester United. W.Rooney and C.Ronaldo's boots with their signs.

Of course there are others like Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool which didn't really caught my attention. XP

Worn by Japanese Football National Team Player.

I own 2 of those ! XP

Things they sell are incredible.

My senior modeling it around. XD

Finally, we got out from the store . . . EMPTY-HANDED ! @@

This was our dinner for the nite. Thought of having French but we wouldn't be able to catch our train back to college later on. So, we had Chinese Food, 'Ma Po Tofu' n Fried Vege with Pork as our dinner instead.

I walked, I ate, I shopped. Satisfied, so does my exhausted wallet. XD


Sophie said...

ooo... i am a tofu super fan! sigh. i want the mapo tofu soooooo badly right now. with rice.

Here I bought a sauce pack so as to skip all the seasonings! and i will try this friday after work.

junhao said...

@ Sophie, do we know each other? :P