Friday, 17 July 2009

"sunshine after a cloudy day"

Hi everyone~

For a sudden, there came the feeling of blogging, so here i am. XD

Yesterday, there happened some things *not to mention wat were those* which kinda spoilt my mood. Human beings with each n every different characterism, n there, comes all these problems.
Instead of doing my hw, decided to make a cup of hot milo and headed downstairs wondering are there any interesting japanese tv shows which may cheer me up again. 
Not being disappointed, there was a show, where there will be 1 celebrity's face been shown on the screen, and slowly it changes into another face. So the game goes where those celebrities' job is to identify who's face izit gonna turn into. =.= Isn't it such a lame show?? But it was damn funny. I guess we can't find such tv programs except japan huh. 
An interesting tv program + a short chat with an Indonesian senpai *senior* was great enough for me to regain my mood. 

Thinking there was the end of my moody period, there comes another sh*tting one. Arh !
It was our jasmani period during afternoon. As usual, we compete again each teams. I was let down by my teammate for the pass few weeks, by my team ended up losing all those matches n not scoring any goals. @@ *mad*

Fine, forget about it. Today will be our last class for football, basketball n swimming starting next week. My beloved sport!! 'Try my best! No more losing" was on my mind. Haiz. XXX who loves to act as our team captain, as usual keep pointing here n there, positioning everyone. Fine. Let it be. My team sucks! No one was at the other half of the opponent's side. And wat most of them were doing, was standing. Arh!! I'm not gonna play the game all by my own. Defend defend defend. That was wat we did for the whole match. 

After tat, we had our some sorta football test. Been playing football since secondary 1, and expecting to do well. Again, it sucked. "うまそうけど。。。" " u look good, but..." was wat the teacher said. Fine, for another time.

As my title "sunshine after a cloudy day", guess wat was te great part after tat...?
Me n some of my classmate, who i less talk to *because they sit in front of the class la XP* sat together chit chatting around. They asked about M'sia's language, clubs i took part during secondary. We talked about Beattles, Carpenter, Arvil Lavigne songs and M.Jackson's moonwalk. Some of them even tried doing it on the field. HAHA
Erm, honestly it was quite hard when we came to the english songs part. It was like a guessing session for me, guessing wat english word are they trying to say with their japanese accent.
Anyway, it was a great opportunity to chat with them since i just talk much with those guyz sitting at the back. And hopefully this will be the start of many. HEHE

Yeah, there goes "my sunshine after a cloudy day" of the day.

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