Friday, 17 July 2009

My English Class Jokes

There is a class named ' English Conversation Class' we had to attend. Teached by an Iranian who stayed in US. So, these are some jokes which he made, but the japanese couldn't catch them. XD

1. A: Nice to meet you !
    B: Nice meeting you too.
    ( Teacher added )
    A: Nice to meet you three.
( Class was silent )

2. The light doesn't work = call an electrician
     My watch is always late = call a watch-ian 
( Again, silent )

to be continued...


Jingyong said...

Did the teacher say all tat himself? Wow... My teacher make
one joke bout calpis . No one know wat he's saying
it's actually "cow piss" he say. Eng class so lame

junhao said...

For the 1st one he was A

For the 2nd one..yea.. XD

lew said...

yabai,i dont really laugh it out .may be i stay here for too long d....>.<