Tuesday, 8 January 2013

the memories of music...

I was preparing myself for the second semester and so was just tidying up the those books notes files and stuffs.

Guess what I found!

The photocopy of my piano Grade 8 certificate!
2006?! OH MY, that's almost 6 years ago!

That wasn't one easy journey all the way. Stomachache headache I had to come out with all types of excuses, attempting to skip the classes. No I never dislike playing the piano but just too reluctant to go for that savage type of teacher. Haha.

I still remember walking out from the examination room for the very last time, feeling a wee bit of demotivated. The person in charge at the counter was repeating about how many succeeded in just their second try in getting that Grade 8 in white and black. Luck however was always on my side as long as I can remember and this was no exceptional case! Hehe. :)

Since than this babe of mine, the ukulele has played a bit part on refreshing memories about those old days.
Me and the two sisters were snatching to play whenever each other wants to. No, we don't when the others don't. Haha. Of course that teasing part you know about who plays better was always in the air. 

Maybe I should get each of them one uke. Maybe... Maybe...

Anyway, I always loved One Direction, though they say gays walk in one direction. Hahaha.

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Kelly said...

You do know Lim sensei's place has a piano right? ahem ahem..CNY performance!!! lol