Saturday, 14 July 2012

Talking about dreams...

Wasn't really excited toward today's game.
I use to get really buzzed about going for a game like say 3 days before, go searching about the players, bla bla bla.

It was Jubilo Iwata vs Consadole Sapporo.

No, I don't really know or even heard about them.

Okay, I AM scouting for all Jubilo Iwata's home games, they're like in the top 3 teams in the Japan League.
But, no I'm none of their fans, not mentioning their players.

Consadole Sapporo who?!

Things turn out pretty good as the day goes.

Everyone who took the shuttle bus to the stadium got a free voucher of Sapporo Beer!

Lucky me I got there one and a half hour early and got to enjoy it nice and cold. Yes we weren't allowed to touch any alcohol during work, but yeah. Haha.

I got one really good sit by the pathway close to the pitch which was anther good thing I guess?

And the match was perhaps the best I've ever saw live. Okay it's just the 4th match but still lively opened game, which ended 4-1.

Okay, back to the main topic. Did I ever touched it yet? Haha.

Where do you find motivation excitements and all to keep you on going?

Worse case if you're working on something out of your interest something you don't love?

I'm watching a JLeague match but my mind was all about the Spurs' Family Day. Yeah its all about Tottenham Hotspur when it comes to football. I was basically yawning through the whole match. Not saying it was boring but I wasn't really interested cause I wasn't really supporting either one. Give me Spurs, I wouldn't take my eyes off the pitch for the whole 90mins.

No I'm totally not grumbling. It's easily the coolest part time job ever. It's just that I hope to get like you know, like Nagoya Grampus or Gamba Osaka. Hehe.

Crap I know. Hahaha.

I guess people like me must try my very hard hunting for the thing I love the thing I'm really passionate about

Something wakes me up before the alarm does.

(like the launching of the Spurs' new kit! Should I buy one?)

it's MY PARKER in the center!!!

But the thing is, the more I'm assure of it, I tend to think a lot, things get complicated? Oh damn. What a crap from me. Hahaha.

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