Sunday, 11 December 2011

volunteer is always one of the best thing to do

it has been a while since I last did any volunteer jobs until this Saturday.
again a kind invitation from my "Japanese Mom" to join the party for a home-stay program.

meeting new faces, making new friends. awesome.
they were from China, Indonesia, Mongol, and Korea.
some were students, some were doctors.

getting in touch with people from different countries does make us, Malaysians realized something.
we do actually have an advantage of being in a multi-language country, speaking multi-languages.
now u're speaking Malay with your friends, and the next moment u're talking in English, and then translating them into Japanese to the old folks.
also one of the best thing, u get to know what the Chinese from China are talking about. secretly. haha.

one of the best thing of the day was, I actually played my ukulele in front of everyone yoo!!
tag up with my junior, I played the ukulele and she sang.
Rasa Sayang. Kantoi by Zee Avi.
my very first time, playing in front of so many people.
not even with the piano. haha.

never once I ever thought of exchanging my life for another.
I get to learn another language, get to experience life in a top country, what else can I ask for.
yet, there're still people out there moaning like shit idiots

post-exams are even busier than pre-exams.
just imagine.
pre-exams, study is the only thing.
post-exams, there're thousands u would like to do.
no, I'm not grumbling about it. I'm loving every bits.

random thoughts.
I want to be a footballer as my next life. I want to play football 5-days a week. I want to wear updated new football boots. I want to be a commentator for sports' tv programs after retirement. I want to be a part of UNICEF. I want to visit kids in rural areas of every corner of this bloody cruel world.
I want to be a presenter or model or some-so-whatever job requires talking and outer-beauty. I want to earn a living with talking. I want to present the beauty of every part of the world or maybe Malaysia (yes, I'm totally OK being a Malaysian once again). I want to explore new things. I want to meet new friends.
haha, crap.

Okay, I guess I'll just concentrate on what I want now.
Good luck to those who're still on the same track as me.
Discovering our yet-to-be-reveal love passion.


y.p. said...

feel good to see you enjoy so much there... it's good to have interesting life there... hopefully i'll get motivated by your interesting life there =)

junhao said...

yea, there're lotsa interesting things everywhere. tat's encouraging to hear tat I could motivate u. ahaha. hope I don't let u down. :P