Monday, 14 November 2011

loving life

people, life has been great for me lately...

had the futsal tournament for the past Saturday.
it was hell lotsa fun.
teaming up with ur frens, ur seniors,
we knew each other better this time,
and actually managed to get ourselves to the higher-tier of the tournament for the first time.
the first ever quater-final man. no kidding.
football futsal could be the best sports to be played.

of course u know, events among M'sians like these were always meant to be a fun one.
the ball wasn't the only gain.

meeting up some old friends,
catching updates of each others' life so far,
were great stuffs.
getting closer to those who were once just someone you know,
being good friends after that,

it doesn't end right there.
the traditional drinking session with everyone after that was even great.
there were 2 same-batch-friends, 2 seniors, 1 researcher.
drinking session ain't all about the alcohol.
it's more about getting closer with everyone.
sharing stories, experiences and all of that.
you know, tat's the scariest part for us juniors.
where the seniors will come up with all sorts of questions and in Japan, no way u as a junior could refuse.
no hard feelings about it though cause everyone do enjoy it.
telling out secrets of yours, listening secrets of others.
so, we, the younger ones ended up sitting there quietly listening to great stories from the elders.
nah, of course I'm not gonna BOOM everything out here, the rules you know, the rules. :P
and, there're where you listen different experiences from others.
realizing there are many ways of living.
the world is so damn wide for you to explore.
man, I can't wait.

I don't know why, but I'm just loving life, the good life.
you don't have to be too strict, yet not too loose.
you don't have to treat everything as a test, but as a challenge.
people around you walk in and might walk out from your life.
treating each of'em as someone who came to teach you something, giving you some extraordinary experiences.
everyone is different, every lifestyle is meant to be different, it's interesting to look at each of'em.
and enjoy it.

I don't know, but I'm enjoying it.
man, life's full of joys.

cheers people.

p/s: it's Movember, man, I wish I could be one of'em, keeping moustaches, as if I had any. yes, I'm dying to get one, not mentioning piecing and a fuckin' sexy tattoo. muahahaaa

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