Monday, 7 November 2011

had been a long yet fun for the past 5 days.
we had our annual school festival...

the juniors are a bunch of cool n funny people.
which made things flew much better.

decision making were up for quite a few days.
planning for my family's trip to Tokyo this coming March.
can't wait, seriously.
it would be a great family trip for us, yes, I would make it an unforgettable one, for sure.
couldn't believe I'm so near to full filling one of my dream.
to treat my family for a vacation.
and it's Japan. 
couldn't be much cooler. 
i'm a happy boy.

next is about my winter break.
yea, things are almost complete.
looking forward to it.
an adventure.
a new challenge.
would make a damn good experience.

watched 'Kaiji 2'.
hmmm... not a cinema-movie quality I would say.

can't wait for tomorrow.
can't wait to go school.
can't wait to face exam.
can't wait to experience my winter break.
can't wait to get my family here.
can't wait to get into the university.

tat's the farthest I could see.
for now.

I don't know why.
but I'm loving life.
being alone.

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