Sunday, 1 May 2011


after 3/11, everyone's eyes are on Japan.

with all the chaos going on, you see studying here gives me lotsa mutual friends in FACEBOOK who lives in Japan, and there goes all the tense. 
no one is going to feel anything through the mass media, yea neither did i, but FACEBOOK gave me a hell of it. when you have your friends, your belovED seniors posting articles, photos and stuffs your're familiar with.

thank god, things are cooling down now.
but this is when the tv programmes and local news started showing more tragedies, EPIC ones.

it was just a few days ago, when it was some prayers day for the dead. 
ceremony held at a school hall. 
those were all elementary school kids. 

then there's one family, who lost their daughter to the tsunami.
they prayed hard, not that their daughter will be safe, but for they daughter to return home, physically.
their prayers came true and they found her back, not by recognizing the face (more than 1 month passed), but with some ritual rod tied around her leg.

O.H.M.Y.G.O.D, I've gone too far.

back to the main topic...

it was the last weekend, my Japanese host family, the mother, Suzuki san who happens to be the chairperson of a volunteer organization, gave us the opportunity to lend a hand out to those who needed.

we had an evacuation center in the city here, staying those from Fukushima. initially there were hundreds over but some went back as you see the elders don't really like leaving their home, then there were 50 plus left.

our job was, accompanying the kids.
no one wants to experience such trauma in such an early age. don't you?

i was immediately welcomed by a lil kid, with a kick on my stomach. wtf.
he got scolded by his grandparents, cried out loud, and the others blamed me. wtf.
nah, he was just over-reacting.

i'll story through the whole day with photos then.

they had hot balloons ride for everyone. free of charge of course.

yes, that's the kid who gave me a kick and came back to ask for forgiveness after tat.

indoor playground for the kids. everything donated by the public.

donations #1

donations #2

donations #3

donations #4

watching One Piece.
now I know why most of the kids are not-well-behaved. -.-

she was teaching others origami

donations #5

donations #6

group photo


i'll share just one 'special' thing here.

while everyone were waiting for their turn for the hot balloon ride, i over heard something.
there were a bunch of kids fooling around a high school (like?) girl. pulling her hands legs and doing what-sort-ever they can, for attention. there came a point when she had enough of'em, and shouted, "お前のチンチン触るぞ!" meaning "I'll touch you private part man!". (okay, maybe it doesn't sound that funny in English. haha)
anyway, they got the attention they wanted.

okay, I did something meaningful, rather than talk cock on facebook. haha. wtf. ignore me.

*phewww, finally finished this long pending post*


Ŧãʊbʊᵲὴ said...

Bro it's a good thing you're doing there, keep it up! I want to do that myself some day too, but guess I just never get the chance to =/

Misse said...

Super love!!! :D

junhao said...

@Ŧãʊbʊᵲὴ ,
thanks man! hmm, there are many who needs help in M'sia I guess? :P

@ Misse,