Monday, 14 March 2011

Splendid Cat City

this supposed to be posted like a week ago...?
but yea, who cares. haha...

thanks to the girlfriend, we had a pretty cool adventurous one.

Sarawak Culture Village was ehemmm cultural.

Orang Utan smth smth, my family went there and wasn't as luckily as us. they saw none but we saw 7!
the orang utans were kept in wildlife and they had some kind of feeding time to attract them.

Bako National Park was the best man.
wasn't really in our plan but somehow we woke at 6 a.m. that morning, hopped on the 7 smth public bus, took a 20-min-due speedboat (so lucky as we met some big waves which slowed down and made us shakky SHAKKY). got off at a beach, went jungle tracking. jungle tracking wasn't really a that big problem for both of us, the only problem (ehem, which was actually my problem as it doesn't seems to be her problem even it supposed to be her problem. haha!), she were only on sandals. u know, those sandals they sold for like rm10 per pairs. as expected it just went off half way and it didn't even last for 24 hours after buying'em. haha.
i guess, i would be totally pissed off and turn the other way round if it was me. she wasn't that affected by that, but enjoyed walking through the small pathways, rivers and played with the waters, bare-footed.

(tat's ma girl man, tat's ma girl.)

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