Friday, 17 September 2010

Summer Break in M'sia

30 days just flew by, for sure it wasn't enough AGAIN for time wast-er like me.
after getting my driving license, wasn't so productive anymore.
outing with friends occupied most of my time.
as usual, with the bunch of 'KP' friends. no. not for kepo but for kadet polis. lol
just one primary school's gathering. ah, wasn't that interesting. SKIP. haha

10 of our KP gang headed down to Ipoh for a 1 day trip.
started our journey around 6 in the morning and went for dim sum at a famous restaurant, Foh Shan.
not quite sure what is it famous about though. nice interior? long queue? choice of dim sum?
nah, i'm not saying bad words of it in a good way, just mentioning things that amazed me. lol

super boring faces waiting for empty tables. lol

next was Lost World of Tambun. 
luck was surely on our side that day. 
was crossing the road, dividing the entrance and the parking lot in front. then there came an aunty in a BIG car. 
'Ah boy, come come... '
everyone thought here comes a passby wanting to ask direction huh.
she told us that we can get a free ticket with every purchase of SinChew Daily newspaper.
not only that, she offered 5 for free! RM38 RM19 for the pass! Yeah!
again, not so impressed man. *oppss*
we ended up renting a volleyball and had some matches by the beach.

starving like hell, we got to Jusco Kinta City. amazing for me to remember the name, mainly becoz they were mentioning it like hundred of times while keying in Papago GPS.
sushi king for lunch+tea break+dinner.
my first karaoke session in M'sia and with the guyz.
as usual, I kept quiet aside sipping my drink while they enjoying chinese songs. haha.
tried some Japanese songs but those were just too outdated. sorry lar guyz. haha.

again, I we did embarassing things again. luckily it was Ipoh, not Penang. haha.
by the way, from which part of this world came to the suggestion that Ipoh is the factory of prettaay girls huh?

oh, pretty sorry we didn't really enjoy any photo session honestly. those above were just bits from my iPhone. outing with guyz are like tat. :)

('traffic on the Penang bridge is moving slow...''s traffic ranger reporting... aww, I miss home~!)

just days before I came back to this coldland, visited the dentist to remove my wisdom tooth, as seems that i'm too clever. lol.
one of my buddy who did the same came to this quote, "is feeling stupid after having my WISDOM tooth removed"- Chun Chang. haha.

Last minute grap of M'sia,

Chicken curry bread(?)

Bak Kut Teh.

Guan Yin Temple.

Hawker. *not Eurpoeans :P*

Regretting for not spending more time on'em.

failed to finish it. next trip maybe.

May I next present you,

My superdupercomfy bed, (with my favourite bedsheet :P)

9 more days before school reopen. 
time to adjust. god bless.


calvin said...

A visit to Ipoh without trying the taugeh chicken rice?
Anyway, I feel it's too over-rated xD

junhao said...

nah, just a one day trip can't cover all lar. :)