Monday, 10 May 2010

A Sunday

7.00am. NO ONE wake as early as that during weekends. I mean SUNDAY. Another meeting with AYNJ, mainly to discuss the upcoming ASEAN Festival which MSAJ is the host this time. Being the AJK of Bureau of Cultural & Social, it's our show time! Haha. As if I'm really happy to be doing it. :P

1hours 40minutes of journey to Tokyo, of cause it's a waste not to hang around Shibuya (for me). Haha. Got myself more than what I wanted that day. Satisfied. And, I'm starting to get bored with Shibuya now. Wth.

Shibuya Station.

If only ...
I'm strong like Rooney,
I'm brilliant like Berba,
I can pass the ball as accurate as Giggs & Scholesy,
I can run like Nani,
I can tackle like G. Neville, (sorry lar, I know I did hate u before :P)
I'm consistence like Evra,
I have good partners like Ferdinand & Vidic,
I can stretch my hands like Van Der Sar!

Glory Glory Man United . . . 
We'll be back next season!

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